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Our products and services have been designed to help business evolve and grow and at the same time contribute to a self sustaining eco-system.

Software solutions

We help conceptualize, design, develop, test and deploy web and mobility solutions which are secured using Blockchain technology.

Digital Marketing

We help brand products & services and generate leads for generating income for Small, Medium and Large enterprises.

Design & Print Solutions

Our Print Media Company helps Businesses with their printing needs by providing state of the art print technologies.

Embedded Solutions

The electronic & embedded arm of our company deals with Biometrics, AI, IoT and robotics. Our solutions are customized as per our client needs.

Film Production

We fructify dreams of a person into reality. With our advanced equipment right from cameras to digital editing labs we help creating and marketing cinematic films, Ads and animated movies and so on.

Financial Service

We provide funds to fledgling companies to grow and prosper.

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How SPEF will help you

Upon getting your credentials, our representative will visit your business for an initial meeting and after necessary formalities like signing Non-Disclosure Agreements and Letters of Intent/Business deals, experts will visit your Business premises and study the way things are done. They will then provide you with feedbacks and technical advice and solutions which will help speed up and streamline your work, which ultimately will help your business grow.

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